Following the closure of the pre-school in July 2016, the Parish Council has explored ways of re-starting it. Surveys have established that there is a demand within the parish. The issues to be resolved are: who will run it; staffing; and where it would be.

Running the school. The primary school has made it clear that it is not interested in running a pre-school, so the best solution would have to be a group of parents. This is how it ran successfully until last summer.

Staffing. Clearly, qualified staff would have to be recruited. This is not seen as a problem, especially as the primary school has offered help in recruiting.

Premises. These would have to be found. Regrettably, the primary school is not prepared to accommodate a pre-school as it did before. If a group of parents showed interest, however, the Parish Council would give all the assistance it could to locate a site.

If anyone is interested in exploring setting up a pre-school, please contact the Parish Council.