Below you can find the most recent reports and documents published by Pluckley Parish Council. They include “Communicate”, which is the quarterly report published by the PC and delivered to all Pluckley residents in order to keep them informed of the work of the Parish Council as well as developments which affect the village. You will also find recent copies of the “Annual Report” which provides residents with a summary of parish council activities during the previous year, reports from village organisations and sets the scene for the year ahead.

Communicate and Annual Reports

Communicate Winter 2018

Communicate Autumn 2018

Communicate Summer 2018


Communicate Winter 2017-18

Communicate autumn 2017

 Communicate Summer 2017

Communicate Winter 2016-17

Pluckley Annual Report 2016-2017

Communicate Autumn 2016

Communicate Summer 2016

Pluckley Annual Report 2015-2016

Communicate Winter 2015-2016

Communicate Autumn 2015

Communicate Summer 2015

Pluckley Annual Report 2014-2015

Communicate Winter 2014-2015

Communicate Autumn 2014

Communicate Summer 2014

Pluckley Annual Report 2013-2014

Communicate Winter 2013-2014

Other Publications

Neighbourhood Plan

Pluckley Design Statement (2003)