Safety and Security


Burglars are often opportunists who will target an open window, an unlocked door or valuables on display if they think they can get away with it. Read more…

Also, take a look at the key point of this very useful document The Vulnerable Castle published by Blink here.  This covers the figures around burglaries and the ways to prevent burglaries as well as the use of technology.

Front Door Security

Please bear in mind that not everyone who knocks on your door is genuine.  Here is a link to the Neighbourhood Watch Members Guide.  This includes the members guide itself, along with downloads for Trick-or-Treat Stickers, Uninvited Traders Stickers, as well as a Not-Sure-Don’t-open-the-door-leaflet.

Rural Crime

Please take a look at the Kent Police advice pages for Rural Crime along with an informative video.  Read more…

See the weekly rural crime reports from Kent Police here…


List of the financial fraudsters’ favourite tricks and the eight things your bank will never ask you to do –

but a fraudster will Read more… 

Loan Sharks

There is increasing activity in all communities (but mainly affecting people in poorer areas) from ‘Loan Sharks’. A Loan Shark is a person who is unregistered, illegal and unregulated, who preys on vulnerable people who are desperate for money. They charge exorbitant rates of interest, and the victims (who could be you or me) are often frightened and desperate. If you, or someone you know:

  • have been offered a loan without paperwork;
  • have been threatened when they couldn’t pay;

then help is at hand by a national organisation, supported by HM Government, who will help, support and chase ‘Loan Sharks’ through the courts. In confidence call 0300 555 222, or email [email protected]