Consultation – Pluckley Settlement Areas

The Parish Council has been reviewing our Neighbourhood Plan to see where it might be strengthened. One move would be to define more precisely the three Settlement Area of the Parish. These help in determining future planning applications. It so happens Ashford Borough Council has been thinking along similar lines and is currently drawing up maps for all the parishes in the borough.

The maps for Pluckley have just arrived and are attached. They are for the three Settlement Areas of Pluckley village, Pluckley Thorne/Fir Toll, and Pluckley Station. The planners’ aim is to define where settlement is continuous and contiguous. Please note that any existing applications – whether approved or not – have been ignored for the moment.

The Parish Council has studied the maps and already has some points to make.. Before doing so, we invite all Pluckley residents to submit their views. We will then formulate our response to Ashford Borough Council.

If you have any views on any of the maps, please send them to the Clerk at [email protected] by 20 January.

Please click the links below to see the maps:

SA Pluckley Station Map
SA Pluckley Thorne Map
SA Pluckley Map