Stanford Bridge Broadband

This message is intended for those residents whom live in the Stanford Bridge Area of Pluckley and are connected to the Bethersden BT exchange / cabinet.
Discussions with BT Openreach, initially revealed that residents who reside in this area were unlikely to see any increase in broadband speed (following the Bethersden cabinet upgrade) due to distances from homes to the cabinet.  Thus we would have to contend with the unacceptable 1 – 3mb broadband we currently experience.  However to those concerned, I have EXCITING NEWS!
Following correspondence with the Chief Engineer at BT Openreach, it appears that the nearby telephone mast has Fibre cabling to it and that this can be used to offer Ultrafast (up to 300mb) Fibre direct to the 16 or so homes in the area.  This would be possible via a Community Funded Scheme, the cost (following a desk based survey) being described as in the region of £10 – 15k.
If you live in this area, are fed up with poor internet speeds and would be willing to help fund such a project, then please get in touch.  Once all responses are in, I will feed the information back to BT Openreach to proceed with the formal quote.

Gavin Russell