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Tennis was originally played in 1943/44 at Barhatch on Forge Hill (now demolished for new housing) then at Homewood’s on a grass court. In 1966, a hard court was built on the recreation ground. In the late 1970s, the club became known as the Surrenden Tennis Club. A second court was built in 1980 with funds raised within the village and grants. The Surrenden Tennis Club was officially wound down in 2012

Thanks to the efforts of Peter and Margaret Osborne and the assistance of Pluckley Parish Council, the tennis court has been refurbished and a new tennis club is now going from strength to strength The new club is known as Pluckley Tennis club and membership is open to all. There are now two courts on the recreation ground. One is a multi-use court and the other is just for tennis.

Following an introductory meeting in July, the first AGM of the new club was held in September. Pluckley Tennis Club now has a constitution and a management committee (of 6 members) has been formed.

The committee have set the following classes of membership and associated annual subscriptions.

Adult Member: £40
Junior (under 18) Member: £10
Student (18 and over): £20

Club days will be held on Saturdays between 0900 – 1200. If you might be interested in joining Pluckley Tennis club please come along.

For further information please get in touch by email to [email protected] or call Gavin Russell on 01233 820426

A Facebook group for the new club has also been created. Click here to send a request to join the group.