Pluckley - home to the Darling Buds of May  


All Pluckley residents are invited to attend this event at Pluckley Village Hall. It's an opportunity to catch up on what is happening in your village. Representatives of many of the village's clubs and organisations will be there to chat to residents.
Free refreshments will include tea & coffee, wine and soft drinks.

The assembly will be followed by the
next Parish Council Meeting

Ashford Borough Council Waste and Recycling
ABC have published FAQ's on the new service starting in 2013. For more information, click here

Parish Plan
Thanks to all who attended the Parish Plan workshop and completed the questionnaire. All houses should have now received their copy of the Parish Plan 2013 Update. If you have not, please contact Martin Newman.

Do you need a faster internet? The government has pledged to achieve superfast broadband services (24 Mbps) to cover 90% of the UK. A minimum of 2 Mbps is planned for the remaining 10% of areas. Pluckley is in this last 10%. In order that we are included for additional funding for superfast broadband we need to show our support.
click here to vote for faster broadband

Ashford Voice — Ashford Borough Council’s residents’ magazine
please click here to read it…

For further details of the Vintage Tea at St Nicholas' Church on 27th April click here.

If you’re a visitor to Pluckley, we hope you enjoy discovering more about our village (click here for a street map). You can learn how it came to be the location for ITV’s popular Darling Buds of May… you can hear stories of our famous ghosts… and find out about our local pubs, guesthouses, restaurants and shops.

If you already live in Pluckley, and you want information, try the links along the top of this page. You’ll find all the information about our school and church, as well as the work of the Parish Council.

But perhaps the most important button is Village Life. Click here for all the information you need, from village events, to bus timetables, to neighbourhood watch.

Whether you live here, or whether you’d like to visit, we hope you find this site useful and entertaining. If you have any questions about this site, or about Pluckley, feel free to get in touch.