Pluckley - home to the Darling Buds of May  

The annual Parish Assembly will take place at Pluckley Village Hall on
Monday 18th May at 7pm
Refreshments will be provided - all welcome
The assembly will be followed by the next Parish Council  meeting at 8.30pm

Pluckley Neighbourhood Plan
Two workshops have already been held where residents gave their views on how they wish to see Pluckley evolve over the next 15 years. All  residents are invited to attend a future workshop and do likewise. The next workshops will be held in late June, in the evening or on a Sunday afternoon, at the Village Hall. If you wish to attend, please contact Graham Smith at clerk@pluckley.net (01622 890596) or Martin Newman at martin.newman@pluckley.net

Cameo Opera
Cameo Opera will perform in Pluckley Church on Friday 22nd May at 7.30pm. For further details and ticket prices, please click here

Planning News
Current Pluckley planning applications are now listed at the end of all agenda for parish council meetings. Click here to view the latest list and for instructions on how to access each application on the ABC website. Access the latest information on the Brickworks residential development  by clicking here.

Pluckley NHW is now on Facebook
If you would like to receive notifications of local incidents, there is a new Pluckley NHW  Facebook page which you can access by clicking here. To join this Facebook group please send a request to NHW@pluckley.net (or if you don't have a Facebook account but would like to receive regular emails).

Oil Purchasing Scheme
A new larger syndicate is now operating in Pluckley. If you use domestic oil and would like to take advantage of the competitive pricing offered by the scheme, please email Keith Anderson